Had the graduation today. Was an extremely good, and surreal day. Was a sad one too, considering it marks the end of everything Uni wise. Had a cracking night out, it's a shame that everyone parts ways now. Here are a few photos.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Was glad to see Phil at the pub afterward too.
Cheers Phil, you've been an awesome tutor, and truly, you're an amazing guy! I hope now that we have graduated, I can no longer be your moaning student, but instead a friend. :D
Alan, hope you're enjoying Comicon & Siggraph. Bastard! :P Email me when you're back in Engladn & at Uni, I'll come in and visit you.

Thank you very much, much love & good night! :D:D:D:D


tutorphil said...

some classic shots here - I don't which one I prefer - the 'I've got my eyes closed grimace' or the 'what the hell is my face actually doing?' expression in the hat throwing finale... nice day though :-)

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, was a great day.
Just re-read this post though. Bit of a soppy one. A sign that I drank a bit too much last night perhaps.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon,

Glad you enjoyed your day. I certainly enjoyed the pics. Funny looking at it from the outside this year. Congratulations!

Alan Postings said...

Thanks for the Bastard comment! ;)

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