Noticed some skinning problems in the head mainly, and some in the torso. I had rushed through the skinning process, hoping that it would be enough to get her into a pose. But I had to go back and tidy it up a bit. Here's a few images, front and back of her pose. Bare in mind you're not going to see her from behind, hence the hair just ends randomly.

List of things to do;

- Find out what people think of the snake hair, make a choice regarding them. Remake them but lay out the UV's prior to posing them!
- Whitby Jet rings ;]
- Fix up some textures.
- Monday go into Uni and speak to Alan further about lighting, set up Lighting at Uni in order to gain help from Alan.
- Model some pipes with grimey textures on for the background.
- Setup up Render layers (Ambient Occlusion, Final Gather, Metal, Skin, Cloth, etc)
- Set up a final facial expression with a Blendshape.
- Clean up these sketches, make a making of book (not tonnes of pages) and print out at Staples on Thursday.

Oh, and here's a render to wet your tastebuds. But please, don't judge it based on what the final piece will be. She has gammy eyes because the lighting is messy at this point (throwing lights into the scene randomly will do that!) so this will be addressed when the lighting is addressed.


Anonymous said...

your attention to detail jonny is impecable. shes beautifully textured. and her eyes are creepy. the snakiness of her hair is cool, but im wondering what is their purpose? is it just hair or is there a reason for her to require these things on top of her head. if shes mechanical and based in steampunk, could they be exhaust vents or something?

lol thats silly, anyway, shes looking great, keep at it!

Jon Stewart said...

It's not silly, it's the questions that need to be asked. In fact, the snakes are to have these jaw like mechanisms on the end, which open up to reveal tools. I've yet to add this yet, as I'm unsure on the snakes themselves. These are things I really need to work on right now. But I'm finding it harder and harder to keep motivated currently.

tutorphil said...

Hey jonny - you've got lots to feel motivated about as she's looking great - but a few issues re. the snakes; personally, I think they would look creepier and more lethal if the segments were smaller - and shinier; see


Also - I don't think the brown is working; you have such a nicely limited colour palette in your character as a whole, that the brown throws things off - perhaps it's your intention to make them copper or brass, but black would work in your world much more effectively... don't lose heart (and don't obsess about the rings - get these snakes right - more organicism - look to that giant millipede for reference!)

Keep at it Jonny - you're tired, your bored of looking and thinking about her, but I urge you to find your '5th gear' and go for broke! She is going to be very beautiful!!!!

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, I have a lot to be motivated about you're right. It's just very difficult to find the strength to sit in my box room, sweltering heat, day in day out like I have for the past couple weeks. :[ Summers always tough for a CG Artist. I think I simply have to step away from my computer for a couple hours this very minute, it's really making me feel so frustrated, I can feel my stomach squeeze and my heart flutter when ever I tab back to Maya. I'm working 10-20 minutes and then being distracted for 30 minutes in order to almost recharge to do those 10-20 again! So, whilst during crunch time it's not wise to waste even a minute, I have to listen to my heart and step outside. I'm going to go and join a few friends in the heat, and try and reboot myself.

Thanks for the reference image there Phil, it makes sense to me now. I'll definately rework these snakes.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon

Ok so its certainly starting to come together. Loads to be proud of. As I mentioned before your next task is to take away the symmetrical feel. I know your probably waiting to do that once she's in a pose but make sure to give it some attention. Also, make a blendshape for the head (if you haven't already) and play with variations of very minor changes in the 'eyelids, cheeks, lips etc' - Bring in the organic feel. It all reads to the viewer.

Above all what we don't want to see is any obvious last minute mistakes when posing. Lazy eye anyone? Take a look at how your face moves or even better how a womans face moves (you've seen one of those right? - Kidding).

My point is that it would be a shame to rush the posing stage and make simple mistakes given all the hard work you've put in. Don't panic pose!

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