Embrace the Pin-up..2

I decided to think a little about the final image of this project. In my previous post I discussed about leading the viewers eyes around the image. I stated that I wanted the viewer to look to her face first. Images of characters tend to draw your eye to the face first anyway, but that means that I need to get her facial expression just right. So I took an image of Marilyn Monroe and deconstructed it, and along with my own knowledge, I came up with how I want Medusas face to be.

Mouth slightly open to suggest sexuality. High brows to try and display she isn't dangerous and that she is excited. Low eyelids that again, show sexuality, but also pre-orgasm. The reason for this is because in my rendition of Medusa, she lures Men to her via her beautiful face, and then she reveals what she really is, and kills them.

The Image should be something that will make men sexually turned on, but also feel weak, putting them in a weird position. The weird position should come from the fact that they want to be dominant over women, not the other way. So I will have one of her arms luring the victim in. Sort of a 'come closer' type thing with her hand. Whilst the other hand will be point towards her face, or the tentacles or something. To direct the viewers eye. Her facial expression should be looking down, and to the side, whilst showing some throat at the side, which is something humans do to show submission. Women often do it to turn someone on.

Her shoulders are very important, she should have her shoulders up in order to show how skinny they are. This makes them appear more female, and less dangerous. Both of her hands are directing the viewer towards her face, the outstretched arm comes from near her face, so your arm will follow that up to it.

So effectively the image should make the viewer immediately know that something is wrong, but you can't resist her sexiness. You get sucked in, but you're as good as dead already.

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tutorphil said...

Jolly good, Jonny - it's time to think about that evolving persona of yours: I know it's politically incorrect to say so, but it seems to me that people respond to a well-spoken gent with a good vocabulary...

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