Currently working on some compositional thumbnails, leading onto the final drawing.

Composition is tough, you have to consider many factors. For example, where do you want the viewer to look first, then followin that where do you want them to look. You have to use visual markers to direct the eye. The hands, the characters eye, etc really helps you with that. Also lighting and shadows can help. Of course, for the most part people tend to look at the characters face first. That's why the facial expression is key. You also have to consider where the camera is placed, a straight on shot with a posed character could be very boring, but move that camera above, below or to the side, and instantly you could be looking at a much better composition.

I want my angle of view to be from Medusas victim. On the floor. So the camera will be looking up at Medusa, making her look very tall and overpowering.

For me, the order the viewer should view my piece is;

1- Face - I want to convey a certain sense of allure in this expression. She needs to be so attractive, yet sinister.

2- Hands/Body language - I want one hand to be calling the victim in, and the other hand to be gesturing you towards the tentacles.

3- Tentacles/snakes - These will be pointing towards the victim, around the outside of Medusa, tools, needles etc emitting from them. Dangerous stuff!

4- From here you will notice her lower torso, that being a mechnical snake body.

Should have some thumbnail images up shortly.

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