I've been testing and toying with ideas for Medusa's outfit. I think I have nailed down her look without her clothes on. I want her to have over the top of her some form of attire to resemble a prostitute of that time and also I would like her to have a hood over her head and around her neck that covers her upper torso and head bar her face. The idea is that she has this beautiful face and if she is to allure men to their deaths then this hooded innocent looking woman is the way forward. Here is a drawing of what I am thinking of for the machinery of her anyway.

I think that I have nearly locked down her look now, it's just a question of what attire makes sense. I don't want her clothing to be too extravagent, as logically it wouldn't be that way any way. The shawl type thing here I was imagine being a massive snakes skin or something like that. Phil mentioned to me a fashion designer in our meeting and I can't for the life of me recall her name, if you could comment to tell me Phil I would be grateful.

Below are a few choice drawings from the past week of sketching. I quite like them but she was feeling too stylish for me. This isn't very logical as she is meant to be representing a 19th century hooker, they wouldn't have these crazy outfit designs and such.

I have a very crude storyboard I have produced for myself, one that I refuse to allow anyone to see but I shall briefly explain what I imagine the final product would be. I would like it to be a very dark scene, possibly an alley of some sort, and you see these eyes appear, blinking there, then this womans face is revealed, pretty and attractive. She then comes out of the darkness a bit and as she comes forward she brings her hood / shawl down and reveals her true self before licking her lips or some such. The temptation to have her dive at the camera or something is there, but I really want this one to be very subtle.

Below are some Logo designs I was toying around with over the weekend. I was suffering from Man Flu and so I wanted to just work on something that wouldn't hurt my brain. Unfortunately the ones I prefer look more like the business card of a strip bar, whereas the top left hand one is pretty effective, of course it would need work.
Aaaaand I have been working on a head model. My hands were just itching to get into Maya. Seriously, this time I want my character model to be even more next level. The head topology is coming along pretty nicely.

I first got it to this stage :

I really quite liked it, but honestly - The topology was quite similar to Claires, which isn't a good thing. So I've been really hacking into it to alter the topology, here's where it is at now.
The topology is getting closer to where I want it to be, once it's there I will be sculpting the crap out of it to make it feel feminine, so don't sit there thinking it's not feeling very womanly yet, it will do!

Also, check out this jaw line! My last head models didn't even take into consideration things like the flow of the jaw. You know you're such a nerd when you get excited by achieving things like this. But I don't care, I am pleased! :D

So there we are.


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tutorphil said...

Sorry Jon - the fashion designer is Issey Miyake! And yes, your logos all look like cheap strip club cards you'd find in telephone boxes in Soho... think again!

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