Sketches + Silhouettes

So here are a few scans of drawings I have done. There are more, and I will bring them with me on Monday.

A lot of drawings I lost focus on. By that I mean, I was too busy thinking about the process of focusing entirely on silhouettes that I was forgetting that it was meant to be about Steampunk. But it doesn't matter, I need the practice.

I am really liking the bottom right image. The kind of Centuar type one. Though It doesn't really apply to what the design calls for. Why would Medusa be a Centaur. However, this brings new ideas. I remember reading about Gorgons (which is what Medusa was), they were symbolised as boars, having golden wings, claws, and most often having the fangs and skin of a snake. So perhaps taking traits from a Boar will lend it self to further designs.


Ruben Alexandre said...

I really like the pen ones, they are really expressive, for quick sketches.
the lower right is looking really good, all that detail on the metal is delightful, also she looks like a queen :)

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks Ruben. Should Medusa look like a Queen? I'm not too sure, maybe a bad ass queen of evil type thing. :P

My aim is to make her bad ass scary, but very pretty, in order to lure men to her to kill.

tutorphil said...

Ruben's onto something with the Queen reference - check out images of Queen Elizabeth 1st for another example of a icy, powerful matriarch...

Also - that same regal idea - with the big collar etc. - I was thinking of cobras...

In terms of her legs - I know this is obvious - but why not go back to the truer anatomy of the snake - the mechanism of her body would still be fascinating - particularly if you were to combine cogs and mechanisms encompassed in sleeves of thick leather - she'd look pretty fetish/s+m... particularly if you give her some huge and elaborate hood (cobra-style)...

tutorphil said...

You've probably come across these two before, but when I was spotty teenager I had a lot of their work (for reasons that should become obvious!).

Take a look at the 'anatomy' :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

queens area good example, of a persuasive character, everybody likes them or dislike them.

I think the bad ass evil queen, the icy, matriarch, powerful and persuasive type is something good to explore.

JAG said...

Your stuff coming along well nice mate ;)
The centre drawing on the top of the page looks awesome think its the wires :P
Makes it look bare and rugged :)

Alison said...

I commented on your last blog ... so here is an update. I have two books that describe what Medusa looked like, she was in fact a grogon and had two sisters, so look up gorgons instead of Medusa if you haven't already.
I will be in college on Thursday so I will keep these two books in my locker in case you come in.

tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny

Please see below from the New Designers' Team - obviously, it relates to Kiiro Blade in the first instance.

New Designers PR requirements

We need the following information and images from you to assist us with the advance and preview PR effort for the whole event. Please bear in mind that this information is collective – representing a course and its graduates. The information is required as soon as possible – preferably before the end of April. Obviously, some projects will not be completed in this timescale and subsequent information should be collated in the same format as indicated here and sent to Articulate Communication.

1. Please ask your students to individually prepare:

a) a succinct description in a Microsoft Word Doc of the project(s) they will be exhibiting at New Designers – including details in the following order: student name, university, course, contact phone and email, project title, purpose, how it works, what it is made from, who it is aimed at;

b) 2-3 images of the project as jpegs. We need low and high res formats for each photo ie 72dpi <100kb; 300dpi 2mb max. Every image must be individually labelled with project/item title, designer’s name, university.

2. The sooner that we have the information the better. One or two titles are already working on their May/June issues!

Also - a reminder about the ND prepare day on Friday 23rd April:

New Designers would like to invite students to New Designers Prepare Day 2010.

Friday 23 April 2010, 1pm – 5pm: Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N1 0QH

New Designers Prepare Day will be hosting an afternoon of seminars to help you and your students prepare for the forthcoming event.

We will be covering:

How to get the best out exhibiting
What an awards judge looks for at New Designers
Costing and Pricing
How to write a Press Release
What the press are looking for

This is also a great opportunity to meet the team and ask us any questions you wish. There will be a mock up stand for you to see, this will give you an idea of how to lay out your stand and what lighting and electrics you should invest in. We will also wrap up the day with a glass of wine, again giving you an opportunity to chat to the team and the speakers.

Jon Stewart said...

Okay Phil, I'll get to that stuff as soon as I have a free bit of time and get them to you. Thanks.

Jon Stewart said...

Alison, you're a diamond. Thanks. I'll check those books out when I am next in Uni. Thanks for your help yesterday. :-]

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