Phil told me to try and be creative with my designs. He told me to get a doll or something and apply things to it, paint it and such, to see if I can get anything interesting and different to my usual methods.

I wasn't quite as daring as that, however I took the same principles and used Claire (Kiiro Blade) for a design. I posed her and then sculpted some basic snake ideas into it. I then used this composition in order to produce a drawing. Once again, however, my scanner is shit and just does poor justice of my drawing. So I'll bring it in tomorrow (Tuesday) so show you anyway.


tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - good to see you making work again - (though you do seem rather 'stuck' with claire? - that said, I like the fact that you're trying to mix things up a bit - but I urge you seriously to reconsider the cyberpunk angle - you're perilously close to Doc Oc territory here and I encourage you to freshen up your thinking still further...

Jon Stewart said...

Hi Phil, I'm not really sure I'll use CyberP - actually this image was produced with real snakes in mind.

I only used Claire here because she currently is the only character I have rigged on my PC, so it was just a case of using what was there.

Jon Stewart said...

Also, I have been without Internet for a couple of days, and so there was no access to reference images (Oh the horror of no internet, I was dieing man) - So I had to make my own reference :D

Pol Winandy said...

... "stuck with Claire?" Sorry, but it just hurts to see that.

Old characters are like rotten mummies, we hate them with a passion. There is no being stuck with characters from past projects!

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