Body update

So as promised, here is the work I've been doing on the head model. It's still not quite there yet, but I'm certainly more happy with it than I was, it's still quite 'weird' looking as it's missing vital things, the hair, eyebrows, eye lashes and such really will help. Japanese girls eyes are so hard, but I really hope she's at least feeling some what Asian? I think from the side view that perhaps the bridge of the nose should come forward a bit more, and the nose should be curved the other way perhaps. Please, any feedback from anyone regarding thoughts and further improvements on this head model would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Also, I'm an avid browser of CG Society. I'm on there every day browsing the updates. Some amazing stuff going on on there. I saw a great render of a torso in this manner on there, and felt the need to make one myself :P

Also, regarding anatomy knowledge. I was at least happy that my knowledge of noses are good. I simply loving drawing noses (weird I know) so when it came to modelling this one, I had a good footing. Though the side view perhaps is not workign as well as I would like. But nothing some tweaking won't help!

Oh, and on an edit note. I slipped in the update to the knees. Perhaps they are working better now?

I just realised I havn't posted up the wires for the ears. I'm quite proud of those, I made them first time, I really don't know how. I think I had too much sugar and just did it, it was cool. So here they are;

Edit : Here is an update on the body proportions.
Again, any input, opinions or anything that I can use to improve this is welcome. Thanks.


JAG said...

I've just gone through and read through all your posts
(Took me forever, but was worth it!)
It's cumin along really nicely mate
Well done ;)
Those eyelashes look proper menacing tho... :P

Thomas James said...

Hi Jon, welcome for the add. Work looks great, well done! - Tom

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