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I covered character silhoettes last year in a blog post. I explained how the characters silhoette is the most important thing, it's what makes it interesting and instantly recogniseable. It's equally as important on a nude body. On a female smooth flowing 'S' curves really make aid to make them beautiful.

Today I didn't get much time to do some work, but I at least managed to sit down with a pencil and paper, and just draw where my problem areas were. For example, the rib cage was denting in wards as opposed to outwards around the side of the character. Instantly destroying a realistic silhoette. That was fix number one of today, along with some others.

Here are some silhoette shots, and model updates from today. They aren't hugely different, but if you just look at the silhoettes, it makes a world of difference.

Please guys, anyone, it doesn't matter if I've not spoken to you before, nor know you. I value all your opinions, gimme input! I'm most grateful. (Be gentle on her face, it's really shit right now) Mainly the body is what I want right just now. I've been spending too long staring at this model, I'm finding it very hard to move on from it . I know it's not done yet, but I think enough is enough, the head model needs to be finished, but I really need to move on before I become physically incapable and Pol has to lay the smack down.

Screens are as follows!


Alan Postings said...


Can you pop in and see me regarding your character? It needs a bit of refinement / tweaking.


Jon Stewart said...

Hi Alan, I was thinking of going exactly that. I shall see you at about 2ish :)


Jon Stewart said...

doing exactly that*.

Jon Stewart said...

Alan, I didn't realise you weren't in today (Monday). I shall come in tomorrow instead.

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