The joys of drawing orthographics.....¬_¬

So I spent god knows how many hours today trying to draw a front view orthographic of a female that I can duplicate and do out fit designs on. For some reason I got carried away, everyone I drew I wasn't satisfied with. So I drew another one, and that too wasn't good enough. I thought i'd post some of them. What's funny to note is, the first ones were actually nice, but it began to drift off and become rather craptular, untill the last one where I revisited the first ones and altered them.

As you can see it drifted off some where in the middle. I think the last one is working okay. But i'm not sure, I still prefer the first ones.

Any way, this is a little over the top simply for some concept stuff. But I saw it as an oppurtunity to learn more about orthos and muscle structure :D

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Pol Winandy said...

Yes, it went over the top in our production pipeline. But it didn't go over the top for your personal learning process at all. We can still allow ourselves to invest time into increasing our skill.

Outline drawings seperate the men from the boys!

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