~Transcription 8 - Boat Texture Progress!~

So texture progress is being made. Though to someone experienced in producing textures and such you could spot quite some mistakes. I'm beginning to feel the strain of having no prior experience with things like Photoshop before this course, and so I am having to learn so much stuff at once. Any way, I enjoy realism in my textures, as you can see. I think It is looking rather nice, still quite some texturing and such to do, then the sails need to be put on and such. Hopefully I will have enough time:)

I am having a problem with transparency maps currently too. It messes around my view and makes all geometry partially see through. I don't know if it is a graphics card issue or not. Quite annoying. I think I shall approach Alan with regard too that.

Oh, and just because I love the Cannon so much, here is another render!:D


Wakano said...

Sick Jon, keep it up mate!

tutorphil said...


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