~Character Rig~

So I have managed to make my Character Rig work real nice now. So I decided to export the rig as a seperate file, clean it up and save it for future use. I have recenty taken to saving out Shaders, textures and models for future kit bash use. So I thought, why not do the same for rigs too?

Any way, if anyone wants to look at it, here it is - JonStewArt.CharacterRig.V.1
The Winrar password is 'Jsart'

The rig includes Knee locks, IK/FK Switch and rotates on each finger joints. It also has Eye geometry and locators constrained so that they aim the eyes.


tutorphil said...

Hi Jonny - I've just been browsing a few blogs, and I saw a comment from you on Leanne's blog, giving her some advice re. some of her technical problems; at risk of sounding like some hippy-teacher from the 60's, I love the fact that, as a year group, you're beginning to talk to one another and mentor; it speaks volumes about the growth spurt of your own personal confidences, and, in truth, I'm proud of you - there, enough sentiment, I think - now get back to your work, boy! :-)

Jon Stewart said...

Awww, shucks. Thanks Phil,... you hippy!

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