~Transcription 6 - Sir Henry Courtney UVs~

So I have layed out the UVs for Hal Courtney. Took me only a few hours, which is a lot faster then my previous character model. I'm an incredibly fast learner, and I always challenge myself to do things faster then my previous attempts. It is evident in this character model of which I feel is way better technically, the topology is way better also.

Any way, the UVs are layed out and here is a screen shot :D
I will save my Texture map out at 2048x2048 and will produce diffuse, specular and Normal maps with that. As it isn't a complex scene, only two characters and a few objects I can afford to stretch to 2048 texture maps for each as the slow down won't be too much and it shouldnt affect the render speed all that much. If I were producing a scene with much more going on at anyone time, I would think of lowering to a 1024x1024 texture map instead.

Diffuse maps are the main coloured texture that you see, Specular controls the 'shine', like shiney lips and such, and normal maps make low polygon meshes look more detailed and denser in polys then they actually are.

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