~Simulated Environments 4 - Environments ~

'Well what of the Environments?' I hear you shout... Well that part of the project can fuck right off, would be my retort in an ideal world. But alas, I must make an effort to meet that aspect of the brief.

My Environment drawing skills are shoddy at best, and for good reason. I simply have no interest in designing them, I really don't. I suck at Perspective, and I suck equally at drawing environments that look good.

So the project title is Simulated Environments, in which I am led to believe is completely misleading as the project is really about Video game design as a whole, go figure. So to me, video games are about the story and the characters, environments are the least of my concerns.

Consider for a moment my favourite game, Final Fantasy 7. The Environment was a basic world map which you could travel around to towns and cities. It wasn't complex, and it wasn't technical. But it worked, and well at that, and that was because it had such a compelling story line, and the characters were all truly awesome. That's what made that series last 10 years + and still going strong, because of the story and characters. So to me this project was always about producing good characters and story.

That said, I have given it a go, and I will be uploading certain images soon, as soon as I scan them.

I really haven't drawn too many 'above water' environments, because I am sure everyone knows what Africa looked like in the 18th century. I'll just show photos to illustrate that at the crit. Any way, I shall post some images soon.

Okay, so I decided to produce a previs render of my underwater City to better illustrate it. Here is the render :

Unfortunately, my scanner is on the blink right now and I havn't been able to scan my images in as of yet. So it may be some time before I do get a chance, as I shall be handing the sheets of drawings into Phil themselves instead.

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