Character Design Project - Week 2.

I found a really nice image on the internet whilst conducting some research on Gemini and taboo's.
I really would like the final rendering and colorings on my designs to come out with this quality: (The following image is not my work)

Also have started some more concepts for my piece. Here's but one of them.

I quite like this image, even if it needs a hell of a lot of refinement and the one on our lefts face looks very dodgy. It shows the two face meaning for Gemini, and it brings in the idea of ventriloquism. By that I mean the one with the halo controls the one with the horns, but is that really the case? The "devil" inside you can make you do some pretty stupid things, so who's controlling who? It's somewhat similar to ventriloquism due to the fact that the person controls the puppet, but the puppet does most of the talking.
My points of interest are currently revolving around, Ventriloquism, Opposition, Janus faced, Dualism and Energy.

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