Character Design Project - Week 1.

This week was a very enjoyable week, if a little tiresome. We had the pleasure of being taught the fundamentals of character design by a guy named Justin whom worked as an animator for Disney.
It was very insightful, and he really helped me grasp the basic understanding so that I could take my character designs and really push them into something else.

I really worked hard in trying to pick as much information from Justin's brain as possible, and I really felt that I learnt a lot.

Below on the Left is a character design I did prior to this week, and on the right is a character design I did with Justin's guidance. You can really see the improvement in the pose and how much stronger it is.

Here are some of the fundamentals that Justin taught me:

My main idea for this project is to characterize the Gemini star sign. I don't want to do it in the traditional way, I want to take Gemini characteristics and base my characters around them. I also want to take the two female twin idea and put a very sensual theme to it, very taboo.
Main points of focus that I have right now are :
- Twins.
- Two Faces, opposites.
- Represented by the Air Sign.
- Communative.
- Adaptive.
- Versatile.
- Restless.
- Sensual.
- Alluring twin sisters.

This is very out of my 'comfort zone' and I believe this will be a nice challenge for me, and something entirely different. I have scribbled down a few ideas so far, and I am very optimistic about this project. Below is one of my main favorite ideas.


M.C.T said...
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M.C.T said...

A big well done to you bro, your character looks very interesting (:

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