Script : Harden edges of all UV borders

Here's a MEL Script to harden the edges that are attached to UV borders. When baking Normal maps you generally put your UV seams in areas that require hard edges. This script automates the hardening of the edges prior to baking. Super useful.

string $objList[] = `ls -sl -o`;
string $uvBorder[];
string $edgeUVs[];
string $finalBorder[];

for ($subObj in $objList) {
select -r $subObj;
polyNormalPerVertex -ufn true;
polySoftEdge -a 180 -ch 1 $subObj;
select -r $["*"];

polySelectBorderShell 1;

$uvBorder = `polyListComponentConversion -te -in`;
$uvBorder = `ls -fl $uvBorder`;

clear( $finalBorder );

for( $curEdge in $uvBorder ) {
$edgeUVs = `polyListComponentConversion -tuv $curEdge`;
$edgeUVs = `ls -fl $edgeUVs`;

if( size( $edgeUVs ) > 2 ) {
$finalBorder[ size( $finalBorder ) ] = $curEdge;

polySoftEdge -a 0 -ch 1 $finalBorder;

select -r $objList;


str0ngman said...

this script is effective, thanks.

str0ngman said...
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