Learnt ZBrush

I've finally just been cracking on with learning Zbrush. Here is my first real attempt at sculpting a head model.
I've found that by using the GoZ feature I can implement my Maya modelling knowledge a lot into the Pipeline. Below is a couple of hours sculpt (which I'm sure people can do WAY faster) but considering to model this would take maybe a day or so at a push that's not bad!
The way I approached it is this:

-I created a sphere in Zbrush, turned it to an editable poly and just used the Move brush to move bits around as much as I could to create the main shapes of the face. I did this until I was fighting against the spheres topology.
-I decimated the sphere in Zbrush at this point to quite a small polycount, it was a mess of geometry; I GoZ'd this to Maya.
-In Maya I set up a lot of the topology and then sent it back to Zbrush with GoZ.
-I continued with the move and clay brush tool, bouncing between zbrush and Maya with GoZ.
-The brilliant thing with GoZ here is that it sends back the SubDiv level 1 mesh (the base mesh) which you can adjust the flow of, send it back to Zbrush with GoZ and it updates the level 1 mesh, retaining all of the sculpted details in the upper div levels. *ramble ramble* - this is awesome!
-Here's where I'm up too. Still a work in progress.

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