Omg, texturing!

Hopefully I'm doing this right.
I'm going to hand paint the textures, and then figure out the various layers for fast skin shaders. Right now it's all using a basic lambert shader, no reflections or specularity. That will be changed of course. I like where she's going. In the concept she is very desaturated, black and white, the skin has no variation (and it works really well in 2D - but I fear that wouldn't be enough in 3D) So I'm adding some subtle colour.


tutorphil said...

she's lovely, Jon :)

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks! Can't wait to get some sub surface scattering on her, going to make her nose light up red! :)

Tyler said...

Hey man, I figured out the new SSS2 shader and it works great, email me and I'll hook you up with a scene file with shader set up on it..
I saw this on polycount and liked how it was coming out so figured I'd share.

Jon Stewart said...

Hey Tyler, thanks for reaching out man! Emailed you :)

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