Just been modeling this, for whatever reason. Just the zip teeth to go then I'll texture/bake whatever it is I decide to do to it.

If anyone has any plugins that would make the task of hand placing stitching and zip teeth a lot faster and less suicide inducing I'd love to hear them. Sick of watching kids on youtube with cheap microphones umm'ing and ahh'ing their way through poorly thought out techniques they read earlier that day on a forum. /rant. (I just made myself sound like a douche.)


BaZe said...

Sweet bag, son! You could add some more weight to the frontpocket flap if you feel like it. But it looks quite kickass as is!

Umm, ahh. Don't know any sweet plugins for making stitches/zippers, but.. Umm, ahh, don't think it needs to be such a pain in the rump to do it by hand either. The zipper could be done by doing the first two teeth and then "duplicate special" with a suitable directional offset + lattice tweak to make it fit the bag. Stitches arn't much fun, but if you don't wanna do them in a sculpt-ware like all the cool kids, you could try laying out some suitable curves along the bag and duplicating a single stitch along them.

Jon Stewart said...

Hey man :-)

I'm not cool enough to roll with cool kids! (actually I need to learn how to do stuff like that in zbrush. I expect it not hard with alpha) the stitching was done by making the object live and duplicating along it then just altering the offsets.

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