Technical Progress

Hopefully i'm okay to post this (Can't go into any details as to why I'm posting it or what they are for though!)

But here's what 3 months odd of solid graft in the real world can achieve.
Here's a comparison to a Whale Shark I made on day one, to a Tuna I am currently making.

I went from limited knowledge of Normal map baking and zero experience of making this sort of thing (I thought I was much better than I was!) to being able to sculpt high res models, turn them into low res meshes via cutting down polycount of lower subdivision levels of the high res. Then baking Normal maps AND Ambient occlusion maps to be used in texturing. (AO Makes texturing so much easier, I love it.)

My rigging/skinning and Animation has come along leaps and bounds too. But I can't show any of that stuff. 


Alan Postings said...

Nice to see these at last :)

Alan Postings said...

A definate improvement and knowledge jump.

Anonymous said...


I might be emailing you later Alan to pick your brains on some environment modelling stuff if I may? :D Just need someone who knows his stuff to bounce some ideas off of real quick.

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