I learnt a lesson today; a lesson I learnt over and over at Uni. Yet I still keep repeating it. That is to keep saving! I sent my head model over to mudbox to push some polys, got carried away and a few hours later had a pretty solid head model. Was happy with it. Boom, blue screen. All lost. Spent a lot of today trying to get back to where it was. Not succeeded. Not happy. So lesson learnt.

Here's some progress, as you can see, the head model sucks balls. Really frustrated by it, I think I'm tired because I can't even manage to sculpt the eye sockets properly. Suddenly thinking in three dimensions and understanding the planes of the face just seems impossible. Think I'm going to distance myself from the head model for a bit, at least I've been trying too do that by working on something else. But I can always see it out of the corner of my eye, and it's bugging me.

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