Character work in progress

Working on a Character I've had in my head for a while now.

Here's a work in progress blockout.

 I have plans for this character in the future, one of them being that she will be accompanied by a male character, but I'm not going to discuss that just yet. Thanks for looking.


tutorphil said...

I AM looking!

Sam Hayes said...

Looking good Jon. You really do like modelling women, but then again you are good at it!

Jon Stewart said...

@Phil; haha, awesome!

@Sam; Hey mate, cheers for that. Yes, I really do prefer to create female characters, and yes to be fair, they do fall into my 'comfort zone' if you will (I studied female anatomy way more than male at uni.)

However, there is a bigger reason as to why I decided to produce she, instead of her male counter part. There's a lot I have to learn in order to get this to where It needs to be, to satisfy myself. So far I've been sculpting the head model in Mudbox, which is a first time for me. I'm also fully planning to sculpt all of the assets and clothing in Mudbox too, for normal map generation. From here I want to produce a low res base (20k polys max) and transfer the Normals from the high res to the low. I also want to really spend some time practicing textures.

So you see, if I were to add onto that having to study male anatomy a bit more, it would slow things down, and possibly kill motivation. By going this way I'm learning the key skills that I want to learn, all of which I can apply to the Make counterpart.

Jon Stewart said...

Male counterpart*

Tom Beg said...

Cool! Is this the character with the big ol' gun you designed back in the summer?

Simon Watts said...

>(I studied female anatomy way more than male at uni.)

I bet you did Jon.

Jon Stewart said...

@ Mr. Beg; Yes, it is the very same chick! It's been in my mind for a while now, was time to make good on the idea and model her.

@ Simon; Haha! Absolutely mate, absolutely.

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