Character update

It's been a while. Time to put an update out. In the recent weeks I had been finishing bits and pieces off for my reel pack, and I took a trip to London to give some out. Not a lot came of it really, I discovered some studios don't like the drop in and give a reel approach. They prefer you to apply online, so they can hand pick who sends them reels and who doesn't. Hey-ho, it was worth a punt.

Received an email from Double Negative stating they would get back to me if they had anything suitable for my skills and experience. Who knows, hopefully I will hear something back. That studio looks really amazing, would love the oppurtunity to work there. Even if it's just cleaning the floors.

Here is a little update on my character whom I've picked up again now. I've pushed her to a more stylised feel, I hope you like it.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny,

I applaud your knock on the door day - it takes a certain courage and confidence, even though you got mixed results. To be expected. Meanwhile, it may just be me, but there's something pretty disturbing about this rotating naked woman - with guns... when, oh when, are you going to model something that REALLY challenges you creatively/artistically?

Jon Stewart said...

Hey Phil,

Next character is Male, promise. He's already in the works, the Male counterpart to this girl. It's all for a short film idea I have in mind.

Also, I don't think I'll ever produce anything 'artistic'; I just don't think I am an artistic person. Always have been more of a technical orientated person. Who knows?

But this character isn't without challenges, as usual I am learning a tonne from the production, and I've stepped up another level, technically speaking, this is turning out better than Claire & Medusa combined.

tutorphil said...

nonsense, Jonny - 'artistic' can be acquired - you just have to diversify your diet - you know, stop looking to cg to nurture your cg... I didn't mean to suggest that what you're doing has no merit - of course it does, and it's great that you're generating new work. I'm not knocking you - promise - I just think you're capable of anything you put your mind to. Personally, I'd like to see you model a creature...

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