Head Update

Here's the headmodel progress. There's something about her that's bothering me. She also looks a bit masculine now. Any feedback appreciated.


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

The ears are very thin and as such quite bat like (if that makes sense), and the face is little too symmetrical.... (uncanny valley may be throwing you slightly)

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, ears are yet to receive the attention needed. I'm also continually adjusting topology, so destroying the symmetry might not be for the best at this stage, as i'm often mirroring it. Though I think that when I get to the time to break the symmetry it will definately help.

Thanks for the feedback Simon.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Yep, looking again she comes across very doll like especially round the eyes and thats allowing for the lack of a shader. Breathe life into Jon make it look like she has lived, think about the years that she has laughed, cried, worried and revelled in all these things will leave indelible marks on her face. Think about these things when you approach the next stage of modelling and that should start to alleviate your discomfort.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Hey your on the ball lol

Alan Postings said...

Draw a line horizontally across the middle of the head (Half way down the nose) it looks like the lower section (mouth / jaw) has dropped down and rotated a little.

Simon is right - the ears are way too thin.

Glad to hear there is a Male on the way. Follow it up with an animal too. Balance your reel.

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