Man, I am so proud of the progress I am making on the head model now. Hair's all placeholder of course. I really love the nose and mouth on this model, really came out nice. The hard work and constant sculpting paid off. I find myself getting a lot more efficient in Mudbox, i've only used it seriously for a week.

The ears and neck are weird, they need work. I'm on it soon. Her head is a little too small currently. This is already fixed on the latest model. You can see some proportion issues below that I am going to work on and the new head size:

Some weird maya help popup came up :D


Simon Watts said...

Wow, what did I miss. The last time I talked to you you were pulling your hair out.

It's looking really nice, glad you kept at it after all the problems.

JAG said...

Woah your steaming on with this!
I feel like I've been ut of the look way to long, loving the demo reel packs to, where'd ya get them made up? :)
I need to start back up on my project not i think ur leaving me behind! ;)

Jon Stewart said...

I designed the DVD cover and DVDs myself in Photoshop.
Got a relative to print me the DVDs themselves.
I went to a print shop near UCA for the sleeves. 20 of them cost me £11 with a Student discount (oh yes, I did blag student discount!)
Get back on your project, ho!

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