Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon

Your not making the most of your Medusa character. Because the image is Portrait and your showreel is landscape you need to use the rest of the screen to better effect. Ie, one side the finished image and on the other a couple of wireframe turnarounds going on. Basically you need to design a 'Medusa' segment specifically for your reel.

Its your best model and yet you've buried it way down in the list and then skipped over it?

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, I think I realised the other day that I was doing that. But i've also suddenly grown a new appreciation for my Medusa model as a whole. I really crave to revisit her soon and fix it up a bit, and give it that extra bit of attention to make her that much better. From here I can do proper rotates of her, as she stands now the back of her isn't modelled properly, so for a turn around it's not ideal.

Either way, I need to figure something out.

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