Girl Robot! - free3dtutorials competition

The competition says to model a 'girl robot' - so instead of taking it literaly and modelling a robotic woman, I decided to create a little girl trying to dress as a robot (Cardboard boxes). I really want her to appear very cute. The plan is that she has a cardboard box on her head with eye holes and a mouth crayoned on. But in the render she will be holding it up above her head as though someone just caught her pretending. Despicable Me is very much my reference for this one, I just have to take this moment to say how much I adore that film and Agnes. She's just too cute.

I know I was doing the Dominance War warmup comp, but things in my life fucked up and the competition had a lot of drama going around it so I didn't do it. I really hope the main event is a go ahead in January though.


tutorphil said...

she IS very cute - and it's lovely to see you working in different territories - oh, I haven't forgotten about your showreel - I just need to find 5 minutes to give it my fullest attention!

JOLANTA said...

Nice to see this! :)

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