Skateboard model

Here's one I modelled to take my mind off some things. I tried to model a skateboard in the first year and failed miserably. I thought it was a good time to try it again. Not too bad. Still some things in need of tweaking and then I'm going to tackle textures. I plan to paint my own graphic in Photoshop.


Richard V-C said...

Haha nice, those wheels best be 53mm, ventures?

JOLANTA said...

Nice one, I bet it will be even more so with the graphics! :)

Jon Stewart said...

The wheels are Enjoi 53's.

Thanks Jola, going to paint up the graphics and stuff in Photoshop.

Sketch said...

Looking hot :) Hah, can totally see a skateboard anim coming on somewhere down the line. I've always wanted to animated some of the crazier tricks out there.

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