Dominance War - Quick digital concept

Got pages and pages of sketched concepts here that I need to begin scanning. Though all of them tend to be leaning towards concepts that feel very much from the past, as opposed to distant future like the brief says. So I'll need to consider that. There's some things that i've drawn that really appeal to me though. I'm kind of leaning towards the 'War General' character now. I was interested in a Techno Mage character. My idea was a demonic floating type creature with a fairly small torso, huge arms and a staff, and a comatose person in the torso plugged into the demon providing it with its powers as it were. We'll see, going to experiment. Trying to avoid what people expect of me, trying to push out of my comfort zone, so forgive the inexperience.

Trying to warm up the graphics tablet right now. My line work is sloppy at the moment, it's amazing how fast you lose it.

Expect to see a lot of drawings popping up tomorrow after I've scanned and cleaned them.

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BaZe said...

Awesome that u decided join in the battle, best of luck to you!

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