Viewing various Maps on model in Maya

I wonder if anyone knows a plugin or something that allows you to simply and quickly view your different maps on the object? For example, it would be nice to quickly view your specular map you're just painting to see that the bright parts fall in the right areas. Without relying on having to render to view it. Or you want to view your skin diffuse on your model, but the Fast skin shader is making your model that solid black or red.

Ideally, I'd love to see Autodesk impliment it. Other modelling packages have the option, so why not maya. For example a little tick box next to each that allows you to tick them to preview each map on the model. Like this :

 I know you can plug your textures into the diffuse through Hypershade. But it's just annoying.

So any plugins anyone knows of that will do it quickly? :D


BaZe said...

Humm.. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so might be something other then this you're actually after :D

But there is a lil tab at the bottom of the shader-attribute list called "Hardware texturing". Once you've created you're fancy shader with all texture-nodes you can select the texture-channel from there and it should show the texture you want on the model. (as textures.. not as actual specs , bumbs or whatnot..) Normal maps is also shown in grayscale, but it's better then nothing I guess..

Otherwise you could get Marmoset toolbox which might get you what you wan't, but havn't heard of any plugins that do what you're talking about.

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks mate, I'll check the Hardware Texturing out.

What's Marmoset like in terms of learning? Is it tough or easy enough? I did download VRay but it was a dud one that brought my Computer to a grinding halt with a lovely virus.

BaZe said...

*Marmoset toolBAG even.. :) It's quite easypeasy to use, basically just load your mesh and textures. Only problem is it's gone from free to 50$ :( And as a standalone real-time renderer it does not offer much else then viewing and perhaps getting some nice turnaround pieces for your portfolio.. but give it a go if you find it somewhere.

Jon Stewart said...

Don't think Marmoset costs mate.

Downloaded it here, though I'm trying to work out how to import and assign materials to the mesh now O.O

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