Some drawings - not posted in a while. Been focusing on pushing my texturing skills. Diffuse, Normal, Specular creation in Photoshop was always my weak point. I realised that this is the reason I could never push my characters further than I'd like. So I'm working to push my texturing/lighting and rendering. Marmoset engine is part of my toolset to aid with this.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jon - nice to see some new work from you! How's everything going? Things seem a bit quiet? Isn't it time you showed this CGAA newbies some 'shock and awe'? And anyway, where are those objects I challenged you to model?

Jon Stewart said...

Tried multiple times to get started on them, actually the Astrolabe is well progressed, I just need to continue it. I think I'll do that soon and get it posted up when I can.

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