Painting Update

Critique away - Be nasty and ruthless. I don't care. Digital Painting is something I don't have much experience with. So any input is great.


Bob Sparks said...

ahhh commenting on your blog is so annoying haha, cant see it now lol. I like i man....just one question though, in regards to the jeans? are you going for a painterly effect? or is it going to be smoothed over? seems a bit disconnected in the style atm from the body?

Jon Stewart said...

Yeah, i'm just a bit unsure of the jeans in general at the moment. Going to have to try some things out before I refine.

What's up with commenting on my blog? Didn't know there was a problem.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Great line work Jon but you possibly run the risk of colouring it in rather than creating a digital painting. Try and work loosely with your colours as a whole image rather than finish one area then move onto another, thi8s way your image will come together as a whole. Remember big shape to little shapes. Secondly try and introduce more variety in your skin tones a bit more red etc. where it is needed other things to think about are specularity oh and also skin shades are very rarely just darker versions of the main block colour, there is a surprising amount of grey, green and purple in skin shadows.

And lastly isn't she supposed to be a sniper? Stands out a mile with those blue denims and mad hair lol

Jon Stewart said...

The concept and scripts changed Simon, so she has too. She is no longer a Sniper.

The hair is a bit overly saturated and colourful. Subject to change.

I see what you are saying regarding colouring in vs painting. I didn't really consider that. This is where my noobishness comes into play. I'll give it a try.

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