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NEX is a unique plugin for Maya that includes a set of tools designed to increase the speed, accurracy, and efficiency of your workflow. Frequent actions like of manipulating components within Maya become more natural thanks to the unique integration of all NEX selection and transformation tools. Arduous jobs like resurfacing meshes can actually be fun using the NEX Quad Draw tool. Common polygon modeling tasks like Splitting faces, Connecting edges, or beveling have been reworked with maximum efficiency and interactivity in mind. Best of all, NEX does all this without leaving any custom nodes in your scene, or introducing any scene plugin depdendencies.

No, unlike almost all other Maya plugins, NEX only makes use of nodes that come with Maya (e.g. tweak, extrude, or bevel). Even the new Connect tool doesn't create a unique node. We realize creating unique or dependant nodes can complicate pipelines. Rest assured, you can safely use NEX without having to worry about opening files on machines without NEX. Files will open and save perfectly intact, making them completely portable.

Download NEX here.

Nex Quad Draw looks like a very promising tool :

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Jack Stevenson said...

wow only saw the first bit, look amazing, will defo get that :)

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