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It's this sort of crap that gives the video game industry a bad name. I agree with the woman fighting for her to have a smaller chest, it makes it much more realistic, sensible and practical. Through that realism you relate to it a lot more. The sooner the video game industry grows up, the better, a more realistic woman is far more appealing than a big breasted, blonde barbie doll.



Simon Watts said...

Lara Croft disagrees. Sex appeal is needed in female characters. That dude in the article did sound like a creep, though.

For an arcade FPS like that, I don't think this issue should be taken too seriously anyway; they're not exactly going for realism and relatability with those stereotypical action hero characters.

Tom Beg said...

Boobs sell and the videogame industry is financially stuck in a rut at the moment: lay offs everywhere, buy-outs, fall in profits, saturated markets, increased production costs, front loaded sales, terrible exchange rates effecting Japanese companies, people being generally disinterested etc etc It goes on and on. It's not a healthy situation.

You want 'maturity' but there isnt a viable arthouse videogame market where the mature games you want can find a niche but healthy audience, an audience which arthouse cinema can rely upon.

Videogame makers and their audiences are too insular, ultimately they just want to return to the same old thing. Guns and boobs mostly...

Jon Stewart said...

Simon, for me, sex appeal comes from believable female characters. Not barbie girls. Lara Croft never really appealed to me in that sense.

Tom, I think that the reason they are in this problem is few a lot of different reasons. Piracy is one of them. The other problem is that people want more, people are asking for more diversity and something daring and new, and why shouldn't they? All these lay offs etc is a sign that a crash is coming, can't wait, maybe these money hungry devs whom refuse to be daring will try something new. I'm always way more attracted too Indie games these days anyway, these people are able to take risks, they are the pioneers of video games.

BaZe said...

Heh, discussing "realistic" cup-size in a game such as bulletstorm seems quite trivial. I find it somewhat ironic that the fine producer didn't mind the stereotypical male heroes or their over-sized biceps..

I prefer more realistic and believable characters in general as well. But there's over-the-top American action in games as well as movies. Cleavage-happy heroines is a match made in heaven with violent gun-happy testosterone-junkies. And there is a large fan-base for it.

People looking to buy Bulletstorm is probably not looking for a politically correct game with a deep story and intriguing characters, but a actionpacked boob- and biceps-heavy sprayfest.

Katherine Hitchcock said...

People buy Bulletstorm because the game looks fun and runs out of that pseudo "realistic" shooter that looks all the same shit. It's not ideological, it's just about have real funny moments playing games and enjoying it, because games are made for being fun, not realistic, deep, reflexive or whatever those "inteligent" gamers want it to be. I fall in love for Bulletstorm as i fall in love for Contra: Hard Cops, Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga and all those interesting shooters. The game is fun and creative, and this is just what the industry needs, because reality and, maybe, morality, it's just making a market saturated with old concepts. And yes, my english sux.

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