Slight Repose

Right, a slight repose here.
I've decided not to bother doing anything more with Claire. For a few reasons.

A - I hate her.
B - It's a waste of time and very counter productive.
C - I'd rather move on, my workflow and approach has changed since this character, everything I have done on it is just a mess for me now. I can't deal with it.
D - I hate using Photoshop to paint texture maps. Something I just realised. I'm sick of painting something, saving it, reloading it, rendering it, rinsing and repeating. My next project will be different. I'm going to be finding ways around that, and use Photoshop for minor changes and tweaks. Body paint or something to that effect will be my next port of call.

I've done as much as I can stand really. I tried to adjust the skin maps for her head, so she doesnt have such beady eyes. I'm updating the shader, viewing the map, and it's showing that that map has updated, yet it won't render the update.

So screw it. I'm done with her. I'll get turn arounds and what not rendered of her for my showreel. I'm having to force myself to use her in that at this point.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny - you sound weary. A change is as good as a rest - so, yes, time to do some different stuff... and on that note, how's that nepenthes coming along? :-)

Daniel Sperrin said...
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Daniel Sperrin said...

(what I wrote previously didn't make much sense)

If your sick of Photoshop you should give body paint try, its very similar to photoshop in a way but with a 3d view port and you can see the effect of what your doing with textures updated on the model as you go, very handy.

BaZe said...

I like the changes you've made to her! Only thing I would do is fix the sharp corner in the background to a smooth backdrop.

But I agree with you decision on "moving on". Going back to old projects is in my opinion a black hole of inspiration. I most cases you're better off staring something new. And using old stuff isn't that much of a time-saver after all. There's always sooo much that would need fixing and cleaning up, while it just brings back bad memories and eats away at any inspiration you may have. ..but then again I get bored quite easily :D

Pol Winandy said...

I did enjoy working on this at the same time with you Jon. ;) Like the good old Kiiro days. But it is frustrating. Here's mine:

not going any further.

Jon Stewart said...

Oh yeah, I had great fun and kept motivated yesterday because we were both working on them at the same time and sending renders back and forward. It really did feel like the good Kiiro Days. Many more of those to follow with the next project!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Jon,

Good call to move on. "Use it then lose it".

I'd take on a few 'flesh' type challanges. Such as animals. Elephants, rhinos, etc. Something with folds of skin (less perfection) as opposed to beauty(women).

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