uhhh... helllooooooo.

I've not posted properly in a while. Once upon a time this blog used to keep me in check. I used to use it as a way to get my work out there, to gain critique, and through that critique I would become inspired to better my work. Thus creating a self fulfilling prophecy, wherein I actually worked because of my blog. And my blog was actually updated regularly because of my work. It was a method of working that worked for me. Some where since finishing my Major project and now, this has slowly fallen askew. Let's rectify. Let me tell you where I am;

I have been slowly filtering out the garbage from my DeviantART account. I noticed a lot of people from the previous First year (the guys that are Second years after the Summer) use it. So I decided I would update it. If you want to add me there, it is ; jon-stewART.

I am also setting up a special Blogspot reserved for my Portfolio works. My plan is to set it up as temporary archive of my finished works. I have the domain 'www.jonathonstewart.co.uk' and I plan to have a splash page here that links directly too it. The domain for my Portfolio is here : JonStewArt'folio and within the next days It should start to come alive. It's all very 'Work in Progress' right now.

I got challenged to model Five object by Phil. Unfortunately this has, untill now, fallen to the way side. Not that I wanted it to be that way, it's just the way it has been. Though I hope to be able to start to produce those this week, and keep posting with them. Some of the objects Phil asked me to model scare me, i'm not too sure why. I know how to model very well, and I know how to deconstruct these 'objects' into a way that I can model them. I can see the flow I need upon looking at them, I think I ought to stop making excuses and get started.

I want Pol to finish his Major Project already. I have been talking to Pol about our future endeavours, and out of this came plans to produce something that completely wipes Kiiro Blade, and its depressing memories off the face of the Earth. Pol and his brother, Tom, run a music production Studio called 'The Workshop,' and have been eager to advance that name into CG. Our planned project will operate under the pseudonym of The Workshop, and hopefully we can produce something great. Further information on this will arrive in the future, as well as a Dev Blog. Watch this space.

My drawing skills have gone again. I got them back during the Medusa concept phase, but during the production phase my drawing skills disappeared. I really need to make time for both of them as often as I can. So now begins a period where I must drag my arse through the horrible spell of not being able to draw. I hate these periods. Again, perhaps I should use my blog as a method of inspiring me too work. So expect some drawings to be popping up here soon.


tutorphil said...

get fucking well started you lazy, postgraduate bastard!


Alan Postings said...

I second that!

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