Everythings in place now.

Visit it here :


C&C Welcome and valued. But please keep the posts regarding that on this blog, in the comment box for this post, as opposed to on that website. Thanks.


Tom Beg said...

Images in this section seem a tad small.


could be my weird zoom settings in Firefox though.

Jon Stewart said...

No, these ones are that small. I can't seem to find bigger ones :[

Tom Beg said...

Darn, thats a shame. They're great images. I'm guessing it's not an option to re-render them quickly?

tutorphil said...

Hi Jon - your text needs some work; I'll post some suggestions asap.

Jon Stewart said...

Maybe I have the files knocking around some where, was a long time ago though.

Thanks Phil!

Pol Winandy said...

I still have all the frames from Narrative Jon. Tell me what you need.

Jon Stewart said...

Okay Pol.
I'll catch you on MSN at some point and get them. Cheers.

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