A Digital Paint

Everyones digital painting. It got me in the mood to dust off my tablet. (I havn't digital painted properly since the First project of the First year!) So I am shaking off the cobwebs.

Here's some progress. I started with just wanting to paint a face. It slowly developed into where it is going now. Yes, I am a warcraft fag.

All major Work in Progress of course. Though if you have any input to give, please do. Just know that a lot of the obvious issues are things I am getting too.

[By the way, there are other things going on. A show reel is in progress, and I am working on the old Buick model when ever I get the urge. Also am working on these models that Phil asked me to make. I aim to start posting progress on these things soon. Sometimes it's nice to step away and do something else. Ie, painting.]

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Domantas said...

Cool, I realy like details of the axe and in overal drawing shoulder plates makes everything even better. Personaly I would like to do something about waist, tribes and neck, nevertheless face and legs looks quite good too.

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