Character sheet

This is what I achieved today.
Next step is to start painting the shadows, followed by highlights. That's my aim to start tomorrow.
Also, not too sure on the blonde right now. Might have to make her brunette.


BaZe said...

Coolie! Very Lara Croft inspiration-heavy. Even more with the current colors. Awesome pose though! And a exposed rack is always a nice touch ;)

Minor crits; the right (her left) jawline seems somewhat wide. It suggests a more angled head while the face seems quite straight on. Also, her neck is somewhat too bendy (bulgy) imo.

Wish I could draw as good though!

Jon Stewart said...

Hey mate - Cheers for the comment.
The face is actually right, I've looked at a lot of reference.
The neck looks like that because it's the hair coming in. Maybe I'll change it a bit.

Jon Stewart said...

David Ratcliffe sent me this, painted over, its fine :D

Bob Sparks said...

hey man...cnt belive i wasnt following you before...what an idiot...on the other hand...this is looking hot man..though from the line art i had the impression you were going for like more 'brunette' tone....

Jon Stewart said...

Im a bit wary of using Brunette. The Lara Croft comments will become even more annoying..
Though I'm not sure on Blonde either. Though the story behind this character initially is a chick that comes across as someone who might not be intelligent (ie big breasts, blonde hair etc) but actually is very intelligent.

Daniel Sperrin said...

Like I was saying the other day your working with a character archetype so people will always say she looks like one thing or another I can name about 6 characters that have a similar look or feel to them.

In terms of hair colour I would go outrageous just give her like bright green or something ...not pink or you'll get she looks like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim or Lightning from FF13

Bob Sparks said...

red! that is all

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