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So I'm working on some more New Designers stuff. I have this idea that I want to put into action for Medusa. Let me know what you think.

1 - The video opens with a close render of her face, eyes are closed at this point.

2 - A camera starts to pan up from her lower torso, slowly. Whilst this is going on, it keeps fading away to still renders of up close details, based on where the camera is on the body at the time.

3- Upon reaching her face, eyes closed, it stays there for a while, untill her eyes open fast. At which point the camera flies backwards showing her whole body.

4- Following this will be wireframes and what not.

Here's a little render. I've spent some time taking her back to a regular pose, and I'm reskinning her head with extra joints in there for the eyes. So they can close.

I also have to decide whether I'll pose her, or do some subtle animation or what.

Thoughts please? Need to get cracking on this. Times running out.

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