I've sent the signature things you requested via Email Phil. You should find attached a PDF with Four groups for each of us. I hope it helps. Give me an email back if you need anything changed, thanks.


tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny, I've just purchased a 50cm x 70cm frame for your Medusa...


Next year, I'm planning on getting some 2 metre high 'roller-blind' style display posters; I think your Medusa would work very nicely as a 2 metre 'full size' image - but it does mean I'd need a version that was a whackingly high resolution to keep all the details... anything you can do for me - alongside all the other stuff I want you to prepare?

Jon Stewart said...

Possibly, I'm not sure Maya supports those kind of resolutions - especially at 300dpi. Perhaps I should speak to Alan, but I'm sure it's the same reason why Film posters tend to be quite stretched.

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