Dickens Festival

Some Images from the Dickens Festival.

Some images of the Cathedral. Where we will be graduating. I naturally took the oppurtunity to go inside and have a look around. It's a nice place, I feel very lucky that we will be graduating there. But I can tell it will be crammed full.
A panoramic of the River. I want to invest into a Camera that can take 360 Skies soon.
Part of the Parade. The guy in the back holding the Banner arrived late, and the security thought he was trying to jump in there unofficially. He ended up shouting at them about how he WAS in the parade, in a very modern slang accent. Very funny considering his attire. "I'm in ye olde parade bruv!"
This girl in the pink dress was a weird one. She took her role very seriously, flaunting herself towards us. I think she was playing a Victorian wench.
This dress was nice, I especially like the guy with the candle. There was also a woman wearing a "Miss Rochester 1997" banner. Let it go, it was a long time ago.
This is my friend and I having a go on the Indiana Jones ride thing. The woman here looked at us like we were completely mental. Quite amusing considering all around us were people roleplaying Victorians. It was a naff ride really, I jumped down the stairs and it was a trap floor thing that flicked up, I nearly broke my leg, I don't think you were meant to do that!
Notice the wonky eyes on Indiana Jones ;]

I plan to visit Leeds Castle soon.


Alan Postings said...

Can't believe this ride is still going. Its obviously been dragged out of storage and revamped. I'm pretty sure its the same one my uncle helped build it in the 80's.

Jon Stewart said...

Haha, really? Awesome!

It's quite cleverly built I must say. But it's not really exciting, and certainly not work the £1.50 entry fee!!

Anonymous said...

leeds castle is very nice, i have had the exclusive tour :D

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