A render

Just a render to test the new skin I just did for the head.


tutorphil said...

she's really beginning to 'live', Jonny! This is the first time she's become more than the sum of her parts; love the glare she's giving the viewer; I get the feeling that you're frightened a little of the snakes; I urge you to make them your priority (I'm sure you are) - but, knowing you of old, I can't help feeling that you're stalling; yes, the snakes are going to create a big change, and yes you've gotten used to seeing her without them, but it's time to get them installed! I know you're tired, but you're character design is now poised to transform... :-)

BaZe said...

Looking good! The new sleeves look really sweet! Seeing forward to her serpent-do!

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