A render

I've made the choice to render this at 300DPI A0 (1189 x 841 mm). I will then print it at A1 for hand in, and for New Designers, if it's good to go there, I will possibly print it to the full A0.


Richard V-C said...

Looks awesome, this Medusa should have featured in MGS4

Jon Stewart said...

Heh, you're too kind. The MGS4 female characters actually had stunning facial modelling. Mine is weak. I have to work so hard on the head model, I'm scared!

tutorphil said...

Hey Jonny - this is really coming on, but as you suggested in an earlier post, I think you need to reconsider the proportions of her tail, as at the moment she's looking a bit insect-like as opposed to snake like - I think you need to lengthen her body and keep it at the same width and size for longer - and then taper it to the tail.

Regarding the A1 print - don't get hung up on it - it won't effect the marking after all, because the marks are connected to content, not scale - if it's good, it's good - and as for New Designers, it doesn't quite work like that... concentrate on getting her right and worry about the poster if you have time... trust me on this!

tutorphil said...

Also - she's too pink! Make her pale and interesting - trust me on this too!

Jon Stewart said...

Don't panic about the current color palette Phil. I just slap shaders on there as I go so I don't get eye strain. Once I move on to tecturing phase, you'll see some changes in color.

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