Alan - Lighting Update

Here's an update on the lighting. How's it looking now?

I also have an issue with blendshapes. I duplicate out the head from its current position, and connect it as a blendshape (after deleting the blendshapes history) But when I drag the slider it deforms the original head strangely, and stretches it. Any way to stop this happening?

AO Mid tones only :

AO & Rim Lights :
AO & Rim & Key Lights :

Is there anything here you suggest I tone down Alan?

I'm going to get some sleep, I've been working for around 16 hours, and only got 5 hours last night. It's catching up with me, i'll try and give myself more than 5 hours tonight.


Richard V-C said...

Pretty darn sexy, but i reckon you need to further adjust that forground wall.

Jon Stewart said...

What do you mean 'adjust'?

Richard V-C said...

Sry, meant adjust the bump on tht wall slightly, in the cement mainly.

Jon Stewart said...

Ah, I'll give it a look.

Alan Postings said...

Just got your email and message. Be right with you Jon.

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks Alan!

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