Head model progress

I worked for ages on this head model above. The main reason it took so long was because I am missing a 5 edge pole at the cheek bone. Which was stopping me from getting the right mass in the cheek. It took so long to retopologize the head and get to the stage in the image, and then pow, Maya crashes and the file corrupts.. Lovely. Back to square one, and I have to do all of that again. Disheartened, I attack the previous model in order to do it again. Here is where I am, unfortunately the general rule of 'the second time you do it is always better' didn't apply here, It's not as good now. Lots of work needed.

If you compare this head model's mesh to the previous one, you'll see a lot has changed. I've removed a lot of geometry, to make it easier to work with. I've taken out a lot of detail too. She's still got problems in the cheek, I really need to reroute this geometry and get it right. Once all the edge flow is in, and the proportions are done, i'm jumping straight into sculpting her in the right expression for the final piece. I can't waste any more time. My aim is to have all the modelling finished by Friday. Leaving me a week to texture, and then the final week to render/ composite / finish stuff off. We'll see how that goes.

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JAG said...

It's still lokking damb wikid tho mate!
'You can do it!'
Keep at it man!

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