Comp Test

Wehay, some damn progress. I'm happy where this is heading, she's looking cool. I took the sleeves off for now, but actually, I'm really digging that outfit without them. It makes her look more sinister. A happy mistake no less. I have to say, I really love the anatomy of arms. There's something about them that I love to model. I was kinda regretful of putting long sleeves on my design. I think I might rethink those now.

Here's also a little thing that I got sidetracked with. It amused me.


BaZe said...

Perhaps not super-relative, but was reminded of your Medusa when I came across this. ;)

Jon Stewart said...

Cheers buddy. I loved the Medusa in the new Clash movie, this is very interesting. I wish I had the zBrush knowledge these guys have ;]

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