Whitby Jet Necklace

Left is the render of my model. Middle of course is wireframe and on the right is the reference I used. Couple things :

- Missed out a row of gems on the other side of the snake.
- This was rendered using Blinn and Bump maps only. I was having issues with Material_X and it not catching light properly. More study needed on this! :@

I have to say one thing. It's nice to know I can achieve a reasonable result with just Blinns. Though I will be looking to push the textures and shaders into the Mental Ray area.


tutorphil said...

delightful, Jonny!

phillsartspace said...

Hey Jon, sorry for not getting back sooner, been pretty bogged down with pro stuff, illustration and the like, not to mention cracking on with the zbrush project. As for resources, as far as I've experienced the gnomon training dvd's are as good as you'll get, anatomy is something that comes in time and will improve vastly if you let yourself 1, copy other work in musculature and proportion and 2, dont be precious about any drawing you do, let yourself fuck up and fill 3 pages of stuff you'll never look at again. Understanding anatomy is the key to good zbrushing and creatures and comic art and basically everything. I think zbrush is an increabible package and I really urge people who can't get past the initial fear of the interface to persevere... It's worth it. After a while it's like a lump of clay, and if you're starting with a good base mesh you'll be totally sorted in no time. Liking your work and I hope you do get more work done in zbrush. Shame I cant sit down with you and take you through the wall, I had it when I started. Its all about the edit and draw mode, and getting to grips with that, hang in there. I'll keep watching your work with interest. Phill

Jon Stewart said...

Hey Phill. Thanks for your reply. I think you're certainly right with regard to the anatomy knowledge.

I tend to pick up software fast, I tend to have a pretty good micro, and Zbrush seems to be the same. As far as controlling the camera in port view, and sculpting goes I am feeling a lot more comfortable.

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