Eye eye

I've spent some time trying to make realistic eyes. I tried this task last project, and achieved a decent result, but my lack of Photoshop knowledge restricted me from advancing any further. My knowledge is a lot better now, and thanks to some reading online I've managed to come up with a successfull eye render. Now I want my face model to actually be good... Which seems to be evading me. This could take a lot more studying then I thought, damn faces!

Here it is with the shoddy head model :

The sculpt is very unrefined, I took the Sculpt Polygon and went to town on it, trying to see if anything makes sense, it didn't. She looks sad here,... My brain can't even understand why, she shouldn't be. It's meant to be a face prior to rigging, so it shouldn't show any emotion beyond boredom. Bah!


tutorphil said...

yes - she does look sad - and rather noble - I like it actually - no, it's not the cold siren she needs to be, but she's not without her appeal...

and what's with the tap - her environment, perhaps?

Jon Stewart said...

The tap is part of the rear of her outfit on the lower part of her body. ;]

The face needs a lot more work for me to be happy with it. Right now it's just making me satisfied!

Jon Stewart said...


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